The Mistress of Atlantis


    Antinea, the Queen of Atlantis, rules her secret kingdom hidden beneath the Sahara Desert. One day two lost explorers stumble into her kingdom, and soon realize that they haven't really been saved-- Antinea has a habit of taking men as lovers, then when she's done with them, she kills them and keeps them mummified.

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      • Brigitte HelmAntinéa
      • Pierre BlancharLe capitaine de Saint-Avit
      • Tela TchaïTanit Zerga
      • Georges TourreilLt. Ferrières
      • Jean AngeloLe capitaine Morhange
      • FlorelleClémentine
      • Vladimir SokoloffL'hetman de Jitomir (as Vl. Sokoloff)


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      • Myriades