A fictionalized biopic of Aline Dieu, a multitalented singer from a musically inclined family.

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    • Valérie LemercierAline Dieu
    • Sylvain MarcelGuy-Claude Camard
    • Arnaud PréchacAnglomard Dieu, 18 ans
    • Denis LefrançoisJean-Claudin Dieu
    • Danielle FichaudSylvette Dieu
    • Roc LaFortuneAnglomard Dieu
    • Antoine VézinaJean-Bobin Dieu
    • Sonia VachonMartine Lévêque
    • Pascale DesrochersJeannette Dieu
    • Victoria SioAline (singing voice)


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      It fills up the uncharted territory between parody and pure fan service with a guileless weirdness that the biopic genre never knew it could accommodate but, in a post–“Walk Hard” world, could stand to emulate.
    • 75

      Paste Magazine

      Lemercier’s film is worth seeing at least once, regardless of your existing familiarity with (or even interest in) Dion. It never lampoons her, but rather taps into the heart of her appeal as a public figure…which, talent aside, just so happens to come back to her kookiness.
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      The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

      Most impressively, Lemercier manages to make Dion/Aline’s not-terribly-dramatic hardships – she has trouble conceiving with her husband, she misses her family while on the road, she feels exhausted by her Las Vegas schedule – feel relatable and compelling. Part of that is Lemercier’s full-throttle commitment to the bit.
    • 70

      Los Angeles Times

      Like a lush ballad that’s somehow both off-key and in total harmony, it’s unlike anything else out there, and certainly more interesting in its swings and misses than a lot of the machine-stamped celebrity biopics littering the movie landscape these days.
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      The New York Times

      The movie’s passion is incredible — but, boy, is it embodied in something awkward.
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      Esthetically perched somewhere between a low-budget TV biopic and a soap opera - with occasional flourishes of bonkers-cheesiness worthy of cult status - Aline is the Celine Dion hagiography no one could have dreamed up except its director.
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      Washington Post

      Beyond Aline’s visual incongruities, there’s a problem with is its choice of focus.
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      Rolling Stone

      What starts as one of those rare, unplaceable, maybe-satire, maybe-camp, high-wire pop confections morphs into a fairly straightforward biopic about a beloved superstar that seems overly wary of pissing off a living idol.

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