Little Monsters

    Little Monsters


    A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies.

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    • Lupita Nyong'oMiss Caroline
    • Alexander EnglandDave
    • Josh GadTeddy McGiggle
    • Diesel La TorracaFelix
    • Kat StewartTess
    • Nadia TownsendSara
    • Charlie WhitleyMax
    • Chris BuntonShane
    • Ava CaryofyllisBeth
    • Shia HambyShia


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      We Got This Covered

      Little Monsters is a must-see horror comedy that proves Lupita Nyong'o should be starring in far more horror movies than she's been offered at this point.
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      Little Monsters oozes with heart and soul, making for an ultra likable, last-minute addition to a genre that should be buried 12-feet under in the near future.
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      Film Threat

      Not since Shaun of the Dead has there been such a consistently uproarious zombie movie.
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      Los Angeles Times

      The main reason why Little Monsters recovers well from its off-putting start is because of Nyong’o, who is so bright and funny as a capable caregiver, with a catchy song for every occasion.
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      Movie Nation

      It’s a zombie comedy, so the laughs come in mostly very familiar places.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      Little Monsters irreverently builds enough good will and comic energy in the early-going to carry it to its conclusion, so it’s bound to gather a cult of some dimension.
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      Screen Daily

      Little Monsters doesn’t exactly reanimate the popular subgenre in novel ways, but there’s enough humorous gags, suspenseful scares, fleshy gore, and quite surprisingly, a dash of heartfelt sentiment, to make for an amusing thrill-ride.
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      The paradox of "Little Monsters" is that it’s so guileless in its story and execution, it could have been made for kids, except for the disembowelings. Still, Nyong’o not only survives the film with her dignity intact, the audience might exit admiring her more.

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