Léo, a 22-year-old homeless sex worker searches for genuine love on the streets of Strasbourg.

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    • Félix MaritaudLéo
    • Éric BernardAhd
    • Nicolas DiblaMihal
    • Philippe OhrelClaude
    • Marie SeuxDoctor
    • Jean-Pierre BastéBookseller
    • Lucas BlegerDisabled man
    • Camille Müller
    • Philippe Couerre


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      Screen Daily

      Gut-punchingly authentic with radiant moments of tenderness where least expected, intimate yet not voyeuristic, this first feature by writer-director Camille Vidal-Naquet gets the balance between looking-for-love and settling-for-sensation exactly right.
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      The Playlist

      Sauvage captures the multitude of emotion or lack of, that come with Leo’s tricks. There’s jealousy, pain, excitement, cruelty and even monotonous apathy where you’d least expect it.
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      There are fleeting moments of wit, bliss and even tenderness amid the gritty severity, as Vidal-Naquet perceptively portrays not just the lonely, drug-fueled rigors of the hustler lifestyle, but the simultaneously competitive and supportive fraternal community that sustains it.
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      Vanity Fair

      Sauvage is often difficult viewing, and Leo tries our patience and compassion as anyone habitually treating themselves so poorly can. Nevertheless, the film achieves a sort of grace, in moments of sweetness and stillness, when the fullness of Leo’s being—be it ravaged and weary—is palpable and, finally, undeniable.
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      This is a sexually frank and arrestingly tender perspective of a young man in freefall. It occasionally leans too far into the horrors of street prostitution, but it’s mostly an open-minded view of its shiftless main character.
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      From its title on down, Sauvage / Wild is a film that’s torn between different translations of the same basic principle — one soft and the other hard. There’s no judgement of him whatsoever, to the point where it sometimes feels like the character is more of a construct than he is a fully dimension person of flesh and blood.
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      Slant Magazine

      The film is a tale about how those who spiral so far out of control become blind, if not immune, to the severity of their symptoms.
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      The Hollywood Reporter

      Sauvage has its longueurs, at times seeming stuck in a circuitous groove with too little forward momentum. However, the movie is never banal. It's a fully inhabited world that pulls us in.

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